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Papacraft, a movie about the dreams and love of two craftman fathers and sons

a visit to a small cafe in Lampang at the end of last year In addition to being able to sip a large glass of thirsty drink in a cute size shop also met with ornaments with beautiful patterns and bright colors as if in a flower garden It’s hard to believe that it’s all made from leather, a raw material that many people are used to with simple shades.

Papacraft, known in Thai as Papa Craft, is the owner of eye-catching colorful leather jewelry with a pattern making technique inspired by the surrounding nature. These were created by ‘Father’ or P’Chang-Prasit. Tang Mahasathitkul with ‘Papa Junior’ or Kwan-Tonfon Tang Mahasathitkul, two fathers and sons who fell in love with craft work and joined forces to create the Papa Craft brand.

Papacraft งานหนังจากความฝันและใจรักของสองพ่อลูกคราฟต์แมน

in a small military base of dreams hidden behind Papacraft Cafe, Papa Craft’s private cafe and studio on the old market street in the carriage town. Curiosity about what makes Papa Craft stand out continues to bloom beautifully on the craft path. It became the beginning of a conversation about Papa’s story this time.

We would like to take you to walk around Papa Craft’s flower garden together.

passionate about crafting

The first step before becoming Papa Craft is to love Chang’s craft work. 30 years ago

Phi Chang told me about when he was a young student. He lives a flowery lifestyle and does things that reflect who he is and his passions, such as crafting bracelets that are his joy and his livelihood. In addition, P’Chang also creates craft works, such as a diary that has embroidered patterns on the cover with fabric. Leather bags by consignment to craft shops like Saba Nga Shop and get to mingle with people in the craft industry until they fall in love with it.

It is true that Chang loves crafts and being a creator. But one question always arises. How can he continue to live with what he loves?

“We love this event. We know that we are craftsmen. We want to live with it. How will we live? The only way is that we must have money. and then went to open a shop.”

Papacraft งานหนังจากความฝันและใจรักของสองพ่อลูกคราฟต์แมน

The shortcut that Brother Chang took when he was young was to help his brother with real estate projects in Uttaradit. with the intention of accumulating capital and returning to open his own shop in Chiang Mai, he reluctantly told Lan Nakorn Phing and moved to Laplae City to start his dream. Unfortunately, that intention was eaten away by the poison of the Tom Yum Kung Crisis. He struggled to find a way out for himself and his family. Therefore, instead of turning to work as a specialist in translating books, keep what you love as a hobby instead. That sealed the dream of a young man who loves craft.

Unfortunately, the intention at that time was eaten by the poison of the Tom Yum Kung Crisis. until that dream had to be folded.

The time has passed since I chose to travel this route. For a career as a writer or  translator, published work is considered a career success. With Father’s works, which have been published in more than 30 books, it can be said that he has traveled quite far on the path of translation, and thus a feeling of saturation arises. But still not satisfied when looking at hobbies like making leather goods for family members to use. That was once something that I devoted my time to doing with all my heart.

as if provoked in the heart of his ambition of wanting to return to being a craftsman.

“We don’t even dare to look at these works. It’s not that I don’t like it, but it hurts. Why don’t we do something?”

Papacraft งานหนังจากความฝันและใจรักของสองพ่อลูกคราฟต์แมน

The translator’s father talked about the time when he went to visit one of the craft festivals in Chiang Mai. After a long absence as a craftsman Each craft he saw gradually prompted him to ask himself, Is he satisfied with what he has now?

Father’s heart urged him to go back to the crafting that he had accumulated for a long time. The long-held feelings were poured out once again through experimenting with new methods in the craft that he loved. Every idea and every imagination were fully opened up.

This feeling finally became the goal of the fiery man’s leather work.

“The essence of Papa Craft is to satisfy one’s soul.”

If Papa Craft was a butterfly Dad’s love for craft is a butterfly that must be filled with the wings of the dream fire that has formed in the heart of the youngest son of the house. to be able to fly

“When I was young, I had a dream of becoming an inventor. And then there is one idea: no matter how many years or how big it is, It won’t slip off. It’s the idea that we wanted to do something that was our own. and leave it to the world.”

That was Tonfon’s childhood aspiration. Because he didn’t want his own existence to be empty. At least he did something before leaving the world. That determination has always been in my heart. Throughout the ages, he never gave up searching for what he wanted to create. Until stepping into being a student in the field of architecture, he had discovered his own opportunities, namely the leather he grew up with.

“The event started in the second year. At that time, I wanted to make my own brand. It also has leather. Dad then made a belt. And that was when I first came across the pattern-making technique. Start making the pattern as soon as possible. I saw that it was fun, and the pattern was beautiful. At that time, my father said that he had made it and sold it. because father can’t sell”

The passions and dreams of two different generations in the same house became the starting point for the Papa Craft brand, with Papa’s handcrafted leather goods combined with Papa Junior’s knowledge and design skills. Belt before Phi Kwan disappears to study for a while.

Papacraft งานหนังจากความฝันและใจรักของสองพ่อลูกคราฟต์แมน

“In the fourth year, I began to have free time. At that time, it was like having NAP (NIMMANHAEMIN ART AND DESIGN PROMENADE), an activity that combines handicrafts and art from independent artists. Held every year during December at Nimmanhaemin Road. Chiang Mai Province (Editor): We want to go out. I want to sell this job, try applying for it, and get it. Once we apply, we can produce the product.”

So Papa Craft is back with a product trial like canvas bags, jewelry, and leather goods that Dad developed from the wrist rope to show off at the NAP event. From this experiment, they realized that braided wrist ropes were very popular in the brand’s small booth.

Because to follow their dreams and what they love as craftsmen, it is necessary to survive by doing what they love. Papa will ask for a full jewelry workshop.

After that, Papa Craft brought the jewelry to the Cat*Nap show, and the number of orders after this event increased. It is a positive sign that allows them to see the path to continue on Papa’s ideal craft business path. They therefore chose to seriously expand and start in this city of Lampang.

“We’re going to prove that we can keep doing what we love,” said the father, Craftsman.

Papa’s “Buppha Kam Lai”

Bright colors and twisted shapes that match the nature of various plants at first glance are intriguing. This is what makes Papa Craft’s leather work unique.

As a translator who works with a vast vocabulary, Brother Chang brought two words: blooms, which mean flowers. Combined with a hybrid of bracelets and garlands that turned out to be bracelets, we came up with the name of Papa Craft’s work “Buppha Kam Lai”.

“Because it’s a new thing, it’s innovation, so we have to honor it by naming it Buppha Kamlai. We call everything blooming. Whether it’s a ring, a necklace, or an earring, because of the beauty of flowers Delicate lines by nature.

Papacraft งานหนังจากความฝันและใจรักของสองพ่อลูกคราฟต์แมน
Papacraft งานหนังจากความฝันและใจรักของสองพ่อลูกคราฟต์แมน

followed by an answer that actually did not intend for Papa Craft’s work to be leather But in the beginning, the movie is familiar material. and responds well to the imagination inspired by the garden in the house. Seeing nature around

When he decided to pick up a movie to tell the story through Papa Craft, he had to start learning again. Since the difference between each type of leather Which surface of the leather is suitable for pattern printing? Which techniques will work? What must be done to keep the leather in beautiful condition? Before developing into each piece of Papa Craft’s flower, Papa and Papa Junior had to research and try a lot.

After taking care of the production, marketing, and other tasks of Papa Craft, Papa Jr. began to produce works that came to be seen as Bromy. The collection that comes out is a jewelry set that consists of necklaces, rings, and earrings. During a COVID-19 outbreak situation like this, Papa Kraft sees that people wear less jewelry to reduce the risk of infection. P’Kwan then designed a keychain or fridge magnet that retained the blossoms. But there is a unique identity to Papa Junior himself.

Most of Papa Craft’s flower creations come from the ideas and actions of P’Chang. Every piece designed by Papa will be considered a classic from the Papa Craft collection. which is usually a single piece With Phi Kwan helping with the part of the production process that will help adjust the work to look better,

Papacraft งานหนังจากความฝันและใจรักของสองพ่อลูกคราฟต์แมน

Papa Craft’s flower blossoms break conventional leatherwork traditions.

Texture: Simply Bracelet Papa Kraft’s masterpiece simulates leather in the shape of a pod that curls after the seeds are removed. Paired with papacrafture, a special pattern-making technique with patterns from leaves and flowers mixed with various colors, it can be said that this piece is not an ordinary leather work.

“Papa Craft is another line of work. It mixes many things. film technique If it were a genre of music, it would be alternative rock.”

Or to call it an “alternative craft” would not be strange (a new term from a professional translator who describes his own hybrid work as the author).

The roots of the Papa design style of the two craftsmen Every stitch that I tried and practiced by myself. pattern from every leaf Every flower has been thoroughly studied. Everything has accumulated until it becomes that no matter what Papa picks up to craft, I could tell that this work was a blessing from their hearts.

Papacraft งานหนังจากความฝันและใจรักของสองพ่อลูกคราฟต์แมน

The beauty of the blossoms has attracted many people to choose to buy them for their own enjoyment. Most of them are people from distant lands. Mingle with Thai people who are passionate about crafts. Papa Kraft called those people “Kalai Mitr”, which means the friendship that arises from the induction of the blossoms. Or someone who has a passion for Papa Craft’s work and the friends that he has met has led Papa to many new paths.

The little butterfly is still flying

“Papa Craft is going international,” P’Chang said proudly, saying that his father-in-law was about to travel “mind’ far to the Dragon Land and wait for a signal from the Land of the Rising Sun. This trip may be the main force that will make Papa Craft the breadbasket of the two craftsmen. And allow them to build on countless planned projects. Papa secretly said that in a little while, Papa Craft might come in the form of furniture! In addition, they also returned to look at their own home market, wanting to make works that meet the needs of the people. more thai The intention of wanting the flowers to permeate more into people’s hearts is the reason Papa chooses to continue walking.

Papacraft งานหนังจากความฝันและใจรักของสองพ่อลูกคราฟต์แมน

“Destination part We felt that it was better not to reach the destination at all. It’s only on the way to what we will do next. I will continue to do this. until I’m out of breath. If we work every day, We got up early, and we still went to work. And we can still sing. You don’t have to answer if it’s happy or not.”

When asked about the goal of working in craft as Papa Craft, this answer shows that Papa’s passion for craft will not fade easily.

“Craft work. In addition to doing creative work according to our imagination, It’s healing work. It can bring us back to balance. It can keep us calm,” Dad said.

Papacraft งานหนังจากความฝันและใจรักของสองพ่อลูกคราฟต์แมน

“Do you know why it’s a little butterfly?”

Before the conversation ends, Father, who has been asked for a long time, I asked about the logo that represents Papa Craft. I guess I’m not sure. Therefore, I would like to hear the answer from this dreamy craftsman.

“I wrote a song called Pebbles, Dirt, and Sand, and there was a part where it was written, Little butterfly gathered the crescent moon into a necklace.” It was my favorite part. I feel that little butterflies represent us. We are not ambitious to be magnificent butterflies.”

This answer describes Papa Craft the best. They were little butterflies that gradually flew by themselves. With hopes and dreams in my heart

As long as the world keeps turning

This little butterfly will continue to flaunt her beauty as she wishes.

ที่มา : https://www.behindthescene.co/papacraft/

can be contacted at

  • Location : No. 268 Talat Kao Road, Suan Dok Subdistrict, Mueang District, Lampang Province 52100 (map)
  • Business hours : Every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed only on Wednesdays) | Saturday and Sunday are open until 8:00 p.m.
  • Tel : 06 5507 3699 และ 08 4049 3246
  • Facebook : Papacraft
  • Instagram : papacraftfamily
  • LINE ID : @papacraft
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