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This patchwork leather vest It is Huang’s love, no matter where he moves. It must be preserved in a five-star treasure box. It is a work sewn among the piles of scrap leather from a leather factory near San Kamphaeng that was about to go out of business thirty years ago. At that time, no one was obsessed with using scrap materials to create art. and using scrap leather to make It’s not because there is an idea to save the world or anything. The reason was because he was unable to buy the movie itself, which at that time was considered a high price. But believe it or not, leather has become an almost constant material. Like the price of agricultural products in our country) fell by 2-3 thousand baht each.

During that time, Papa was doing a gallery with a group of lazy friends. Located near the irrigation canal next to Chiang Mai University

“Name it Fantasy Garage or Dream Garage.”

Other lazy friends All are artists. There is a work of art hanging on the wall for everyone. Only Papa is still looking for himself.

Every day, I took the leather to sit and patch it up according to the pattern that I wanted. Sometimes it’s a bag, sometimes it’s a diary; it’s like a patchwork of academics without even realizing it. Have fun laying patterns and

Its rhythm is based on the principle that you should try to cut that piece as little as possible. so that there will not be much waste (think about the size of scrap leather). Gru also tries to use it very timidly. This habit is still with me to this day. And from the art of patching that I practiced by myself, it soon became the occupational profession that helped Papa narrowly get his wife and children through the crisis.

Table of contents


this patch leather jacket It’s not a splendid job. is called that it was sewn from my own ignorance of leather work. The basic skill used for this piece is cutting leather with the right cutter, a skill learned in high school craftsmanship. Punching holes in leather with Tut Tu is not difficult to practice; just grab a hammer and nail it to the iron rod, and calculate the weight that is down to how much the leather is torn in order not to cause the skin to become crumpled ahead of time.

If there was only one thing that you just felt was the built-in cost without knowing from which sprout it grew, And growing up means knowing the rhythm of colors and shapes. that, when put together, look beautiful, or the language of art people that composition

I remember that I sat and spent the longest time laying patterns. Aim and aim again. As if about to submit a good mark contest, how is that? and then to sew another leather belt. In total, it lasted several days.

After that, he wore it almost unwillingly, refusing to take it off like a shirt. Until another lazy friend, Ek Lai Snail, secretly went to cut his own “Samart” shirt to wear another championship.

For more than twenty years We leave this shirt tucked away in its place. without even picking it up to look at it… until deciding to return to follow his own dream path again. Five years ago… And when Papa Craft’s house opens and there is a way for these “treasures,” This leather jacket was taken out of the box and brought down to be present. Papa’s friendly cafe has seen…

leather art class As mentioned last time, that has helped Papa and his family escape the crisis.

The crisis that comes before Tom Yum Kung or Hamburger and can happen in every era with every name that dares to challenge fate…

At that time, 35 years old, after working as an apprentice at his brother’s building materials store for a few months. I could not endure it anymore. decide to come out, take the wife and child to die, and take the sword in the face without knowing what to do. Or where can I find the next meal for them? Remember trying to concentrate and translate the short story? Weekly political magazines at that time (Siam Rath Week, Criticism, Interest), but concerns were not far away like a shadow. just a few days Everything was gone from the house. Shake the piggy bank lightly. Only the clanking of a few coins could be heard.


In the corner of the room, on a pile of scrap leather, was a scroll of mulberry paper. I don’t know when I got it; I only know that at that moment, some ideas abruptly arise, and then arrange to cut the mulberry paper to the size you want to fold. And sewing into notebook filling. At that time, no one taught how to make a handmade notebook (years later, there was a workshop teaching handmade notebook sewing), so I had to sit down and figure out how to do it myself. Use whatever equipment you can find around the house. and found that the twisted cotton rope bought from Lao Chow Alley was really suitable for this job. It has enough toughness and doesn’t cut paper like nylon strings. And most importantly, it is a natural material like paper that can see the fibers woven into a net. Seems to be fragile and torn easily. But I can say that the Saa paper from Ban Ton Pao The siding used was tough and durable. We found that the water is not easily disintegrated like general paper, making it perfect for keeping a record of all our precious letters.

Start making a diary book

The size book goes vertically. It was similar to Long Ju’s shop log book in the past. Calculated from the width of a sheet of mulberry paper that, when cut Minimal scrap left or just right; no scrap left except edge cutting in the last step (think completely economic concept). ​

The easiest way to sew is to fold a stack of paper. to find the center line, and then use a steel hole to drill a pilot hole and Do not sew too tight or too loose. When you’re done, count the sheets. Divide it in half, fold along the stitching line into left and right folds, and turn it over to see the perineum as a diagonal line. Connect the two stacks of stuffing together. It easily becomes a staple. And if the next stack of stitches will have a thicker filling, On demand… Academic book sewing It is another branch that grows out of the self-taught school.

As he sewed, he kept thinking, “When it’s done, who are you going to sell it to? At that time, on the Night Bazaar, there are also many shops that sell handmade items. And Chiang In Plaza has just opened. There is a shop that shows off a unique personality. and selling works at a very high-end price. I saw it and had a dream that one day there will be a shop that sells their own work like this, but right now, right in front of me, the work that I will exchange for rice to fill the pot, I still don’t know what the face will look like.

Find thick calendar paper to make a cover. Cut the size of the filling. Let’s go beyond the upper and lower edges on each side. On the side, add another hun. in case, when folding the notebook, the filling will not appear unattractive, and attach the top sheet to the cover paper. Aim the center well, apply the latex, and gently iron from the center to the edges to avoid creasing the paper. Use clear double-sided adhesive to stick, but after a while The diary that had been set up had to be completely overhauled. because the glue has expired.

The next important step is to make a beautiful garment to wrap it up in from the pile of scrap leather around it.

It was then for us the remains of the leather factory. It is like a valuable treasure that must be cherished. It is called “sharing” if, at that time, a friend asks to share. There must be some drama after that.

And the first volume would be like the first child. We will scrap the best leather. need the most attention in order to give birth to something as beautiful as the heart in vision.

Select and paste the pattern according to the shape of the leather sheet in front of you. Adhering to the original principles means cutting it out as little as possible. It’s like not trying to violate what was before. walk the way it should be something like that) and put together on a secondary paper with enough glue to keep the shape. And it’s easy to nail and sew in the next step.

fork It is the first piece of leather work equipment that I bought from a shop around Chang Moi. It’s an old shop. There were a few leather goods shops, a few round toots, a diagonal fork, and dye and varnish. Remember that time leather making class and where to buy these devices have to ask from A friend of a leather technician named Kai, who has his own shop in the Loi Kroh area, is Thai Leather. which is one of the sources of lazy heads And the life path of the crafter brought us back to meet this friend twenty years later on Nimman Soi 1.

hammering holes with a fork It’s my favorite part of the job. Many people need time to practice. to punch the hole accurately in line and maintain a consistent distance to the edge, remembering that every time you hear a pop The little bastard, who by that time was already a year old, would come and snatch the hammer to snatch Tut Tu or fix it from us right away. Until having to give up the chipped mouth of Tut Tu with hammers and chopping boards Give it to yourself as your personal device. That was a toy that I thought would be able to instill some kind of mechanical germ in it, but no. I saw Mr. Kwan Kla touch the cutter to cut the paper. I had to give up the idea of planting a technician for this son altogether.

When stitching, connect scrap leather with raw cotton thread. Until you get a beautiful collage, look for a piece of calico to act as a lining and an envelope for attaching to the cover of the book by sewing backwards and keeping the seam in the copy of the fabric. reverse stitching We got it from Teacher Chanphong, a homeroom teacher in the fourth grade. Wat Pathumkongka School was a subject that had just come to realize at that time that there was such a price that it could bring a disciple out of the abyss of failure.

The final step is to keep the edges beautiful. Compared to the clothes of a young woman The edge is the hem that needs to be sewn neatly. The intricacy of that piece of clothing can be seen in this piece of work. that can show off decorative features to make it stand out and be different.

According to the traditions of the leather craftsmen, who inherited the traditional techniques from the Indian race, It is often used to make thin, astringent leather ropes. which they cut into strips; there are dozens of strips, and one strip is about one hundred thousand. It is commonly used to knit the edge of the bag. Or the sunglasses case of a sixties hooligan These Indian-style leather works will not leave the leather floor empty and must have exquisite patterns from the art of embossing decorative patterns. (This style of work is difficult to find people to do.)

At that time, I really wanted a leather rope, but after calculating it, a book It takes almost a dozen lines, remembering that the price is in the hundreds, which I can stop thinking about.

Throughout the life of craft work, we appreciate situations that require us to think and solve problems. to find replacement materials or even have to design a whole new one because there is no wisdom in buying that material that can always be used. I put off the vision I had set aside. And try to imagine a new picture… Wouldn’t it be nice if we used a rope to knit the edge? It also blends into unity. But how do I knit?

“Myself” In the end, the water depends on the boat, and the tiger depends on the forest. Our apprentices still lack many necessary skills. Especially the side that seemed to be in the DNA of almost every woman at that time.

“Can you crochet?” “Can you help me?”

Then we arranged to punch holes along the edge of the scrap leather collage sheet. Punching holes at joint seams Be careful not to tear the leather, or it will be a major repair. finished and handed over to the “edge knitter,” who came to take on this necessary task.

We have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

The next day, we three lived together on an old motorcycle. with hope hidden in the bag Heading to the recently opened Chiang-In Plaza with an art exhibition featuring the work of Pradap Temdee, a lazy friend on display…

We walked around on the upper floor, where there are still a few shops. There is a shop owned by Oum Im, a writer; the owner of the book “The Story of Atom” that was made into a movie, Chanjira Jujaeng, remembered that he liked it very much. Go see Fah Thani. faculty of humanities bring to show money

Her shop is called Papa & Son. It is made of wood and has a beautiful design. At that time, I met Pee Aum Aim as well. She is caring for a child who is understood to be a child. as if she knew the intent of our coming and therefore sent a communication in the eyes that made me dare not say anything. Actually, we’ve talked once or twice. When I sold my old books at the warehouse But the condition of my hair at that time must have been like a person running out of sticks. Even acquaintances avoided meeting at all.

Another shop next door was about to close, so we hurriedly walked in. I don’t care about the shop’s name. I do not care whether it is suitable for our work or not. Rei went to see the kid in the shop and left her job. She handed her a business card and said that she would contact Pee Pom herself tomorrow.

The hope that awaits was postponed again.

The next day, I rode a motorcycle to a shop on Nimmanhaemin Road, at that time a good handicraft shop. For Chiang Mai people or tourists There are only a few shops; remember that at the entrance of Soi Nimman Nueng, there is a lamp shop and home furnishings in one shop. Deep into the alley, there are not many shops yet. But the commercial building where the Tamlueng noodle shop is located With various shops nowadays popping up

Nimmanueang, the year that still does not know Nap Nap, is not yet a hip street for art addicts. Uncle Tee Ah Muay has not yet brought the crowd on tour.

Commercial buildings on Nimman Road opposite Soi One It is home to the famous Nantakwang store, which sells silk dresses, embroidered fabrics, and high-end housewares. which we never thought to enter.

And next to each other is P’ Pom’s shop, Saban-nga.

Push through the glass door. I met a girl yesterday in Chiang Mai. She remembered and immediately went up to follow him. I have time to look at the products in the store. It is a feminine handicraft product, such as lace fabric. Including pencil bags, tissue cases, pillow cases, doll keychains, and girls wearing checkered outfits His eyes only looked into his heart, as if he were waiting for a verdict.

In the blink of an eye, Pee Pom came down. And in no time to say anything, he said in a flat voice, “How beautiful and how many books…

Honestly, I can’t remember how I felt at that time—how happy, how excited, or how excited I was.

But what is certain is that I saw myself taking my wife and children to eat something good for a meal at Central. and bought toys for the bastard.

Due to the capital that will be used to open the business, there is no craft work at all, so he has to ask Kok to borrow 100 baht from his younger brother to buy other colored wax cords for edging and sewing with calico fabric, industrial handicrafts. Or the painstaking manual work of the married couple began from that moment on.

We get the first payment for the first batch of produce. Seven books, 630 baht

Every income and expense entry was recorded in the first diary in the hands of the spouses.

Today is another cherished memory in the “treasure cabinet” at Papa Craft’s house.

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