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Just a Letter and Leather CraftPapacraft

Sunlight streamed through the wooden glass wall, clinging to the indigo tablecloth. A lively, cool breeze blows life and the warm aroma of bael tea. The basement is lined with chairs and tables showcasing a dazzling array of leather designs. some classic dresses, and some pieces are sweet. Alleviate my doubts. After secretly staring at him for several times and assuming that “Papacraft” must be just another guesthouse business on Talat Kao Road. Kad Kong Ta Community Area, Lampang Province

Papacraft Just a Letter and Leather CraftPapacraft

But in fact, this contemporary two-story wooden house is a gallery and cafe of Chang-Prasit Tang Mahasathitkul, a cool leather technician and owner of the brand Papacraft, stylish leather accessories. that borrowed inspiration from flora and batik techniques to further create until going to the international to show off at the international handmade products exhibition in Korea Handarty Korea 2019 last year.

Papacraft Just a Letter and Leather CraftPapacraft

It is equally interesting. Chang also has a degree as an outstanding translator. Surindracha Award The person who connects world literature to many Thai languages, such as Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus (Mary Shelley), before the night falls (Chinua Azebe Achebe), and The Time Machine (H.G. Wellstheus (Mary Shelley), before the night falls (Chinua Azebe Achebe), and The Time Machine (H.G. Wells), Road of Life, Sinclair Lewis, etc.

Shortly after wearing the shop shirt A good Bangkok boy decided to retire from the Faculty of Engineering. Chiang Mai University and come out to live a hippie life. Eat with friends who settle down on the night bazaar roadside in front of brass jewelry shops. braided rope bracelets and leather goods, which in 1987 were still crowded with displaced artists and backpackers.

It was here that Chang learned how to make jewelry from various materials. and fell in love with the leather material for the first time.

“Once we had a chance to visit the farm of Pee Yod (Weerasak Yodrabram), he was the first person who urged us to drop out of university. with an invitation to come live in the forest like you. very comfortable life If you want to make any handicrafts, you can do it because the materials are abundant. At the time, we thought these words were funny. But in a few years, it was this word that prompted us to pick up dry twigs and millet to decorate the diary until it sold very well.”

Chang said it with a proud face. and added that since then he has begun to see new possibilities. In the combination of materials, leather material And enjoy creating works by observing the beauty of nature around you. especially when moving to settle down in Uttaradit. In a small garden house surrounded by colorful plants, which forged a unique style for many years to come.

But in no time, the plan that was set was ruined due to flooding and the Tom Yum Kung Crisis. Chang therefore turned to work in translation continuously in the role of a regular columnist. Light up literature and Siam Rath Criticism Week using the pen name ‘Lamnam’, as well as co-translating books with various publishers such as Torch, Children’s Foundation, and Supak.

Papacraft Just a Letter and Leather CraftPapacraft

Until he finally returned to the craft arena again. When neighbors prayed for him to teach him how to make leather Being able to recapture the love material after being away for 20 years caused the inside of Chang’s mind to erupt. Taking a break from weird work, I became obsessed with movies. until his wife and children each had many pieces of belts and bags used by his father. The youngest son saw the earnestness. So he tried to invite his father to create a brand.

Papacraft Just a Letter and Leather CraftPapacraft

Then Papacraft, a leather accessory brand born out of a father’s love, dreams, and care for his family, blossomed.

Papacraft Just a Letter and Leather CraftPapacraft

Two fathers and sons expand the border of friendship to include colleagues and partners. Together, they experimented with new techniques. Until discovering the interesting process of making batik cloth, which has been applied as a special technique, Papacrafture, creating free-flowing patterns and various shades for the leather material Moreover, the design is born from combining materials in a new way and shapes and lines that convey the beauty of nature sweetly. These therefore become a signature that clearly reflects the brand’s character and is inspiring.

The first generation of Papacraft debuted with the Simply model, a simple bracelet inspired by peka pods, followed by Leafy, a pair of delicate leaf bracelets; Hearty, a bracelet that polished the charm of Bodhi leaves; Wavy, a bracelet as delicate as wearing a wave; and Ivory, a classic bracelet. and Woven Brass, a leather-braided bracelet that picks up brass material to line up in a pattern that looks like chic wicker work.

Papacraft Just a Letter and Leather CraftPapacraft

not only pay attention to the design In terms of function, all models of bracelets are also designed with hidden aluminum wire techniques. to help make it easy to wear Adjustable to fit according to the size of each person’s wrist. as well as the meticulous production process, which is handmade at every step, and the selection of only quality vegetable tanned leather, which is produced from an old natural tanning factory, so it is durable, has a long service life, and is environmentally friendly.

Papacraft Just a Letter and Leather CraftPapacraft

“Once it came out, I was sure it was original. We see it as a new creature that we give birth to, so it has to be dignified. have their own name.” Chang said that he compares his work to that of his children. It’s not just an object or a product. That’s why he came up with the name for every Papacraft piece, ‘Buppha Khamlai’.

“The word Buppha comes from Bupphachon, which is considered the root, thought, and source of many things in our lives. Klai is a new word that we intend to invent from bangle plus malai, reflecting the brand’s design concept.” Chang With a pleasant smile, she said, “Even our customers treat us like a friend. We call everyone ‘Kalai Mitr,” as in the past ‘Wanmit’ was used to refer to book fans.”

Papacraft Just a Letter and Leather CraftPapacraft

All these works are gifts. Graduate from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang Faculty of Architecture and Product Design, who came back to compete with his father in order to continue the business to grow to maturity by creating a collection of gorgeous leather accessories Attracted by a new generation of customers

Including filling gaps in important jobs that help create business opportunities, such as producing online public relations media. Customer Liaison trade show Including being a barista at this gallery and cafe that has just opened for business for about 3 years after receiving good feedback from both Thai and foreign friends. Help boost Papacraft’s confidence to dare to get a ticket to travel on this road.

Papacraft Just a Letter and Leather CraftPapacraft

At present, the blossoms have reached the Shanghai market in China and have been selected to participate in Handarty Korea 2019, South Korea’s largest handmade exhibition. Most recently, woven brass bracelets have been one of the best-selling collections of all time. Which was raised to raise funds on the popular Japanese platform Makuake and was successful with a response of more than 350,000 yen (about 101,294 baht) already.

However, Chang said he doesn’t envision Papacraft as just a leather brand, cafe, or gallery in the future. but also intends to develop it into a space to support the work of local artists and craftsmen. As for the distant dream that he planned, it is to open a mechanic school for the general public to have the opportunity to truly learn, understand, and access craftsmanship.

Papacraft Just a Letter and Leather CraftPapacraft

source : https://readthecloud.co/papacraft/

can be contacted at

  • Location: No. 268 Talat Kao Road, Suan Dok Subdistrict, Mueang District, Lampang Province 52100 (map)
  • Business hours: Every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed only on Wednesdays) | Saturday and Sunday are open until 8:00 p.m.
  • Tel : 06 5507 3699 และ 08 4049 3246
  • Facebook : Papacraft
  • Instagram : papacraftfamily
  • LINE ID : @papacraft

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