Welcome to Papacraft
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Welcome Papacraft Family

Papa Craft was born out of a father’s love for his family. and love for handicrafts that his father has been doing for more than thirty years.
Until leading to a dream that wants to make a job that I love as a family business

The jewelry that the father initiated, created, and named Buppha Klai is a representation of the father’s love. Therefore, we intend to create every piece of work as if
“It’s a precious gift to our loved ones.”

Thank you to all our friends who came to visit our house. and I sincerely hope that we will be able to join hands and bind our hearts as friends for a long time.

*Kamlai + Mala = Kam Lai

Genuine vegetable-tanned cow leather

Every piece of Papa Craft's handicraft is created from two main materials: genuine quality vegetable tanned cow leather, a strong aluminum and brass wire frame, and light weight


With the properties of vegetable-tanned cow leather and brass. So it can be bent and adjusted according to the size of the wrist and finger.

well varnished

All jewelry is varnished. and can be waterproof to a certain extent. It is not recommended to wear it while bathing. or activities that have been in contact with water for a long time.