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Product Quality

1. Can it hit the water?

All Papa Craft jewelry is polished. and waterproof to a certain extent. Can be worn and washed as usual. It is not recommended to wear it in the shower. or doing activities where the strength or the ring must touch the water until it is soaked.

2. Will the color fade or stain clothes?

Every piece of Papa Craft’s work is dyed by hand. and use quality leather dyes that penetrate deep into the inner layer. The wearer can feel comfortable.

3. When exposed to water or sweat, will the leather become stuffy and smelly or not?

because it has been varnished. Water will not seep into the skin directly. Therefore, there is no problem with the damp smell. It is recommended to wipe it dry when exposed to water. and should not be stored in a humid place for a long time.

4 Durability

With quality genuine leather material and a strong wire frame. The wearer will be assured that Papa Craft’s accessories will last a lifetime.


We guarantee free repairs for life. And if worn until the wire frame is broken, we are happy to change it for free! by sending such products Return to Papa Craft’s studio at this address (free return shipping for domestic use).


  • In the country, we deliver for free (ems) when purchasing our products for 500 baht or more.
  • Overseas service rates vary by region. You can check the delivery charges on the checkout page.


We accept payment through many methods, including credit card and bank transfer, PayPal, and Alipay.