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“Papacraft” or papa’s craft, was originated from two beautiful things, which is “Love & Dreams.”

Around 20 years ago, Papa has designed a Diary from scrap leathers and mulberry papers, supplying to one of the famous Handcraft shops in Chiangmai to earn for a living of himself and his family before moving to Uttaradit with the dream that he will save up to start working on something he love.

20 years has gone by, Papa’s dreams has become just a painful memory. Papa has tried to come back to start over, but failed. However Papa has always been doing what he’s fond of, though not as a career.

Papa's Passion

Papa still loves to create different diary designs, be it embroidered patterns on the fabric or dictionary covers made from scrap leathers.

Some of our belts we use are made from scrap leathers, our school bags and even mom’s purse she carries to work

is made by our Papa.

Becoming 'Papacraft'

With his children’s motivation 3 years ago, Papa was inspired to pursue his dreams once again. This time with Papa’s own internal settlement, Papa has enjoyed to the extent he puts down everything and started creating different designs and inventing different techniques. This lead to the Jewelry collections Papa named them “Bupha Gumlai”, inspired by the natural gentle swiftness of the flowers and leaves. 

Bupha Gumai’s beauty has then been crafted by Papa’s Dreams, and Papa’s love he has for us, passing on to the wearer. 

Hence it is the reason why we are determined to create each and every piece of Bupha Gumai with care as a gift to your beloved ones, just like how Papa has done for us. 

Papa crafts it as a present for his beloved.


We have experimented the technique and pattern creation for years. Firstly, we studied the tie-dying and batik process then applied onto leather materials.

Having experimented on several kinds of materials, we finally found one able to partly proof leather dye whilst creating a fantastic texture. We then explored natural mold materials, combining various colors on our present collections for natural mood expressions.

Woven Brass

Papacraft has pulled out the natural delicacy of the lines and shapes to create handcrafted designs through tanned leathers and aluminum wires, turning them into one-of-a-kind accessories hidden with the rawness of natural material and hand-making procedures full of exquisite details.

Furthermore, we have initiated creating colors on the surface of tanned leathers by our own special technique we so-called “Papacrafture”, include weaving brass wire onto the leather material establishing a unique texture in our collection named “Wovenbrass”.